Dr D. Rama Naidu Vignana Jyothi Institute of Rural Development".

Vignana Jyothi, a registered Society was initiated in 1991, with a group of like minded Industrialists, Academicians, Professionals and Non Resident Indians with an idea of imparting quality education to the youth and thus contributing to social justice and economic upliftment of the society. In consequence to this ideology and hard work, Vignana Jyothi has achieved academic excellence through the establishment of the following four institutions and running them on sound lines.

VIGNANA JYOTHI PUBLIC SCHOOL at Madhuranagar, Hyderabad.




Though experimentation in the educational field has been quite successful, the members felt that, something remains to be done by the society, particularly to the farming community, as most of the members trace their origin to agricultural families and 70% of the society lives in rural areas. The farmer, in providing food to the nation faces several problems in achieving profitable crop production and needs concerted intensive practical training in the areas of agriculture, horticulture, seed production, dairying and poultry production. With the generous contribution of 33 acres of land by Dr D. Rama Naidu at Tuniki Village, Kowdipally Mandal, Medak District, the Society has decided to set up a rural development institute and name the Institute as "Dr D. Rama Naidu Vignana Jyothi Institute of Rural Development".

The need for this Institute

Increasing rural unemployment is resulting in the unplanned expansion of urban slums. There is need for more on-farm and non-farm employment opportunities in villages. This will be possible only if there is diversification of farming systems and value addition to primary products through improved post harvest technology. Training should be with reference to market-driven skills. Small-scale industries and village industries should receive particular attention from the point of view of the up gradation of both technology and marketing skills by rural youth. There is also synergy from the private, public and co-operative sectors in promoting more avenues for skilled jobs in the villages. Servicing facilities at the local level should be improved through appropriate training and capacity building measures. This will also provide additional employment opportunities for rural youth in villages. The initiative seeks to address rural-urban disparities, which are a serious concern to governments. Despite the fact that education is a basic right in itself and an essential prerequisite for reducing poverty, improving the living conditions of rural people and building a food - secure world is equally important. Youth's access to education in rural areas is still much lower than in urban areas. The Institute calls for collaborative action to increase the coordination of efforts targeting the agricultural training needs of rural youth.

The need for private participation

Reducing poverty and improving food security involves enhancing agricultural productivity and production, and income generation among producers in rural areas.

Agricultural and rural extension programmes are needed to reach out to those in rural areas who constitute the majority population. While the Government at the lower level is responsible for ensuring the extension services delivered to the rural poor, often very little money is allocated to train the rural youth. Therefore there is a need for concerted efforts by the private sector to ensure that proper agricultural training is given to these people.

In this connection, we emphasize all round development of trainees including moral,
ethical values and capacity & character building

In order to make this endeavor a success, Vignana Jyothi Society welcomes contributions by intellectuals to imparting quality training and also financial assistance to make it a premier Institution of Agricultural Training in the country.

We Provide Training in

Crop production including cultural practices, soil and water management, organic farming, integrated pest management, processing, storage and marketing of agricultural produce.

Horticulture - successful cultivation & profitable marketing of fruit crops, vegetables, flowers, medicinal plants and nursery management.

Seed Production - processing, packing, marketing and establishment of seed village programme and seed security.

Animal husbandry - village dairying, sheep and goat rearing.

Poultry Development - village based poultry management, nutrition, disease control and marketing of poultry products.


Dr D. Rama Naidu Vignana Jyothi Institute of Rural Development".

City Office
Vignana Jyothi, H.No.7-1-4, Begumpet Adjacent to Colorama Printers Hyderabad - 500 016. Phone: (O) 040 2374 0538 / 0558 Fax:+91-40-2373 1555

Institute Address
Tuniki Village, Kowdipally Mandal
Medak District
Andhra Pradesh 502316