The Vignana Jyothi society, a not -for-profit organization, was founded with an altruistic motif by a genus of prominent industrialists, businessmen, academicians, NRIs and other professionals. Incorporated and registered in the year 1991 under the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh Public Societies Registration Act, the Vignana Jyothi society’s main objectives are to promote social, cultural, educational, scientific, and research activities among men and women, particularly the younger generation.

Vignana Jyothi society superintends numerous academic institutions for imparting training and learning at various levels for multi-disciplinary curriculums such as technical sciences, life sciences, social sciences and, humanities. Dissemination of knowledge, promoting self-assurance through creativity and critical thinking, fostering entrepreneurship, and nurturing research are the hallmarks of the society.

The following institutions were established by the Vignana Jyothi society from the year 1991.
1. Vignana Jyothi Public School – Estd: 1991
2. Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management – Estd: 1993
3. VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology – Estd: 1995
4. Dr. D Rama Naidu Vignana Jyothi Institute of Rural Development – Estd: 2004
5. Dr. D Rama Naidu Vignana Jyothi Agriculture Polytechnic – Estd: 2009
6. Vignana Jyothi Institute of Arts and Sciences – Estd: 2011

The Vignana Jyothi society has promulgated an enduring vision and mission legacy for achieving academic excellence profound in ethics and human values. The Vignana Jyothi society firmly assumes that sustainable development is realized when holistic education integrated with human values, and ethics reaches the proletariat sections of the society. To realize this Vignana Jyothi vision, the society over the past three decades has established futuristic infrastructure, recruited erudite and experienced faculty, developed innovative and, customized curriculums and, exceptional pedagogical and andragogical practices which ultimately assist realize the motto of the society, “tamasoma jyothirgamaya,” ‘lead us from darkness to light’.